Private River Cruise : Croc and Bird Watching 

  • Private Experience: Exclusive trips for a maximum of 2 guests plus our guide.
  • Discover Unique River Systems: The only wildlife cruise operating on the river systems  south of Cairns.
  • Abundant Birdlife: Encounter a lots of tropical bird species.
  • Ideal for Enthusiasts: Perfect for bird photographers and wildlife enthusiasts.
  • Access Hidden Spots: Our small boat reaches hard-to-reach, untouched locations.
  • Silent Approach: Our vessel is equipped with an electric motor to move silently around the river.
  • Diverse Bird Species: Spot a variety of bird species including Azure kingfishers, rainbow bee-eaters,  jabirus, white-bellied sea eagles, ospreys, and many more. 
  • Get in touch if you have any particular species you want to tick off your list.

Your Day:

  • Pick-up:  6:30 am from Cairns CBD accomodation 
  • Travel Time: A scenic car ride of up to 40 minutes, depending on the chosen destination.
  • Meals and Refreshments: Lunch, snacks, tea/coffee, and water are include during the trip.
  • Return: We’ll have you back between 11:30 am and 12:00 pm for a half day or 4pm for the full day

What to Bring:

  • Essentials: Hat, long-sleeved shirt, Sunblock and polarized sunglasses.
  • Equipment: Binoculars and/or your camera gear. 


Half Day


Full Day