Backcountry Heli Camps- Dropped in to pristine wilderness

We have teamed up with Hinchinbrook Adventures to offer these amazing adventures multi-day Heli fishing adventures.

Fish Untouched Waterways:

  • Heli only access to inland gorge country, where you’ll target Barramundi and sooty grunter.
  • Amazing scenic flight into the headwaters of the Herbert river
  • Remote fishing at its best perfect for lure or fly anglers

Daily Fishing Expeditions:

  • Each day anglers hike up or down the river, fishing large rock pools with rapids.
  • Encounter tranquil still lagoon sections adorned with lily pads, the perfect hunting ground for barramundi.

Wildlife Encounters:

  • Large Saltwater crocodiles inhabit the the still pools
  • Amazing bird life, dingoes and wild pigs roam freely in these remote locations

Comfortable Base Camp:

  • Your journey begins as you’re dropped off at our base camp on the first morning.
  • 3-night Australian Outback camping adventure 

Meals and Camping

  • Our expert guides will take care of meal preparation, serving pre-cooked meals and backcountry freeze-dried food for dinners.
  • Start each day with  breakfast and coffee before setting off for a day of fishing.
  • Light and energizing lunches, including muesli bars and nuts, will keep you fueled for the hikes.
  • All camping and cooking equipment is supplied
  • Our guides will also provide hydrolites and maintain anglers safety throughout the trip

An Adventure of a Lifetime:

  • These trips are an adventure like no other,  stunning scenery and incredible fishing in untouched waters.
  • These trips are run only during the dry season September- December


Dry season 

Sept-Dec Only